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October 14, 2014

R.E.S. Contracting is one of the most respected AZ home builders

We have nearly 25 years of construction experience in the Prescott vicinity.

The Better Business Bureau awarded R.E.S. Contracting with an A+ rating, and the company has affiliations with the Chamber of Commerce, LEED for homes, Energy Star and the U.S. Green Building Council as well.

Videos of Homes We Have Built

Why We Are the Best

key-to-your-new-AZ-homeMany AZ home builders are now using technologies that help protect the environment and lower the cost of utilities. At R.E.S. Contracting, we use green building practices and Energy Star procedures that add value to the homes we build, and when our homes are Energy Star Certified, their ratings are usually Five Stars.

Prescott area residents who live in homes built by AZ home builders R.E.S. Contracting normally save between $800 and $2500 on energy expenses every year because of the green methods we use for building homes. In addition to their environmental friendliness and cost-saving features, our homes are also quieter, more comfortable and provide a healthier living environment

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R.E.S. Contracting, Inc.
PO Box 4198
Prescott, AZ 86302

Office: 928-776-0301
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